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Who would want to read about market life...really!!!

I never had any intention of writing a blog, but this week I got home from a not-so-good day at the markets and the post-lady had delivered my new marketing planner from Claire Mitchell, and with it came a complimentary blog planner. My fist thoughts were 'excellent, my new planner has arrived' followed by 'what the heck am I going to do with a blog planner, I don't even write a blog, I have no intention of writing a blog, why couldn't I have got something useful instead' Then I gave myself a slap and said 'don't be so ungrateful, you have just had a bad day, sleep on it and think about it tomorrow.

So the next day I was driving to market, it takes about and hour so I have plenty of time for ponderings. I realised that this must be a sign, and I need to make the most of what I have been given. I was trying to think of ideas to write about, and thought, well how about stories from my day at the markets and the customers I meet. Yes, brilliant!!

I meet some lovely people at the markets, some become regulars and come to visit just for a chat. Later that day a regular customer came to find me. He usually comes with his wife, but when I saw them a few weeks ago she told me she had been diagnosed with cancer. Of course my heart sank when I saw him alone, and sure enough she had sadly died last week 😢 He had actually come to tell me that he had dressed her ready to be laid to rest in clothes that she had bought from my stall, and he made sure she was wearing her fleece lined slipper socks to keep her feet warm. Well naturally there were tears, I was upset to lose such a lovely customer, but also humbled that he had chosen to dress her in her favourites from my stall. I spent some time chatting with him, and after he had gone I realised that these are the things that people might actually be interested in, things that happen to market traders, how we get through the bad days and the people we meet.

Over the next few months I will tell you about my 'market family', the Rum Club, the rude comments I overhear from some browsers and the funny things we see. I have been scribbling down loads of ideas that you might like to hear about, hopefully you will enjoy my ramblings.

But this first one is dedicated to Angie, who gave me the inspiration I needed, may she rest in peace with the angels, wearing her warm fleecy socks to keep her toes warm. and to Spike, her husband, for being her rock and coming to see me that day, thank you.

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